Industrial Yard Gates Instructions in Event of Failure

22nd December, 2020
DECEMBER 2020 INFORMATION FROM CONTRACTOR RE ELECTRIC GATES - ADJACENT TO UNIT 7, HMRBP IN CASE OF GATE FAILURE If the gates fail they will lock into place and not move. To open/close manually follow the procedure below: 1. Unlock the green box (inside to the left of the gates) using keycode ‘020’ to release the combination padlock 2. Switch the plug marked CCT3 VEH GATE to ‘off’ position to revert the vehicle gates to manual 3. Remove the keys located on top of the grey box (labelled HMRBP ELECTRIC GATE RELEASE) and insert into the red key slots in the dark blue boxes found either side of gates 4. This will allow the gates to be opened/closed manually. 5. A spare set of keys will be held by Cormac in the key cupboard in Chi Gallos Reception. 6. Once the gates are closed return the keys to the green box and set the padlock Report failure of gate to : Judith Barron, Administrator: Tel: 01726 839363 Email: OUT OF HOURS Mon – Fri 0800 – 2000 Sat 0900 – 1600 0300 1234 100 Mon – Fri 2000 – 0800 weekdays, Sat 1600 – 0800 24 hours Sunday and public holidays 07559910680