Compliance checks

11th May, 2021
This is a reminder to all tenants that compliance checks and testing, including relevant Fire Alarm checks and electrical testing, are being carried out in your office/unit in accordance with lease obligations and Health and Safety at work legislation. May I also remind you that tenants are responsible for PAT testing of portable appliances within your own unit. To minimise the legionella risk and to maximise the amount of cold water being flushed through the system, ESAM centre staff run cold taps in all kitchens, showers, toilets and empty units for five minutes once a week as part of the weekly legionella flushing routine. This routine will continue until there is enough tenant activity within the building at which point, a post occupancy legionella risk assessment will be done and recommendations for flushing routines will be provided. Tenants in ground floor units are responsible for regularly flushing the taps in their units.