International business PH Media is thriving at Sector 2

25th January, 2021

Ralph Wills, Joint Managing Director of print and design company PH Media, says one of the best things the company ever did was move its offices to Sector 2 at Aerohub Business Park, Newquay.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, PH Media, part of The Logical Choice Group, took the decision to move from its original premises in Roche to Sector 2 four months ago. The business is already thriving in its new environment.

Ralph said: “At a time where people were just existing, we did the opposite. We have quickly established ourselves at Sector 2 and expanded our fine art provision, rolling out a new service. That attitude has rubbed off on our clients too.”

PH Media was founded in 2002 and has become an international business. It offers pre-press services from colour management to page layout with prestigious titles in its portfolio, including magazines for the Tate and The British Museum, Creative Review, Art Review and a raft of independent fashion magazines.

In addition, PH Media has a fine art provision which has really taken off, and expanded, over recent months.

“We have a unique selling position,” added Ralph. “We have a 3D scanner, which is actually one of only three in Europe. The scanner retains the depth of the original artwork, offering visual and tactile merits that can be lacking in prints.

“We have also rolled out a commercial service for artists, fulfilling their deliveries and offering an enhanced experience to their end user. This has been really well received and helped keep the business in a strong position during these uncertain times.”

Jenna Arnold, Fine Art Coordinator at PH Media, Gareth Beer, Cornwall Development Company. Andy Davies, Cornwall Council, Ralph Wills, joint MD PH Media.

As most of the company’s business, and its clients, are in London and beyond, Sector 2’s location, close to Cornwall Airport Newquay, proved to be an ideal choice as a new base for PH Media.

While the original idea was to have two offices at Sector 2, PH Media made the decision to take over the whole of the ground floor, with three work spaces. The first is home to the design arm of the business, where staff design, create and layout pages; the second office houses the company’s 3D scanner and is where the fine art division is based; the third office provides an area for clients and artists to visit in comfort.

Having this additional space also allows the business to be much more Covid-19 secure.

Sector 2 is the flagship gateway development at the entrance to Aerohub Business Park, at Cornwall Airport Newquay.

It is one of a series of developments owned by Cornwall Council and managed by Cornwall Development Company. It offers nine high quality office suites alongside eight modern industrial workshops. It was developed by Cornwall Council, with co-funding from the European Regional Development Fund, as part of the Cornwall and Isles Scilly Growth Programme.

“We couldn’t have made the move without the backing of Cornwall Development Company, particularly over the past few months,” said Ralph. “The help we have received has been invaluable, they couldn’t have been more supportive.

“Sector 2 provides modern, luxurious premises, which offers a whole different world for us. Our time, so far, at Sector 2 has been very positive. It has been a real shot in the arm for staff, we have big plans and we are going places.”

PH Media is also a big supporter of local employment, with six Falmouth University graduates working in different capacities across the business.

Ralph added: “We started a formal partnership with them two years ago and it has really opened my eyes to a whole new opportunity for us. These are Cornish kids who may otherwise have had to leave the county to find work in their chosen field – it’s something that I am quite proud of.”

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